Green thumb Award

Left to right: Levy Rentz, Peggy Petty and Mary Ann Rentz

Keep Pickens Beautiful awards the Green Thumb Award to Peggy Petty for the beautiful gardens, pathways and pond. Ms. Peggy maintains her unusual landscaping and gardens on her 2 acre plot.

The vegetable garden shows the functionality of the land. Ms. Petty attributes this beautifully landscaped property to her late husband, Kenneth Petty.  Ms. Petty was born and raised right here at Grandview Lake and enjoys maintaining her 2 acres of heaven.  If you would like to nominate someone for the Green Thumb Award, contact our office at 706-253-3600.


For decades, the U. S. scrap tire industry has worked diligently to improve the consumption of scrap tires throughout the country. According to the U. S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) in 1990, only 11 percent of annually generated scrap tires were consumed in beneficial end-use markets.

According to USTMA, in 2017 now over 25 percent of the approximately 62 million tires are used for playgrounds, landscaping mulch and molded and extruded products as the most prolific segments. Today’s crumb rubber is the result of removing metal and fabric from old tires and grinding the scrap tires into different sized pieces for specific applications

Doris Wigington City Park Extension

Keep Pickens Beautiful has been working in the City park extension located off Lumber Company Road. KPB has purchased a Cabana (pictured) and done grounds work around the building. New recycle and trash containers have been put in place for the convenience of those who wish to have a picnic in the park.

The park is located at the trail head of a walking path that is a loop about 2 ½ miles long. It is scenic and very lovely peaceful place, until the local train passes through. Take a picnic lunch and check it out.

If you would like to join KPB and help keep our county clean and beautiful, call our office at 706-253-3600, or visit our web page at, for more information.

KPB is celebrating 30 years of Keeping Pickens Beautiful.