Christmas Tree at the Library

Keep Pickens Beautiful would like to say “Thank you” to the students at Harmony Elementary School who participated in making decorations for the KPB Christmas tree.  The tree is part of the Festival of Trees held yearly at the Pickens County Library.  Susan Anderson, their teacher, had the children use their imaginations to create the ornaments by recycling everyday items such as paper, corks, milk cartons, light bulbs.  The students came up with great ways to recycle everyday items we might call trash into unique tree ornaments.  Please take time out of your busy schedule to visit the library during regular hours and view all the beautifully decorated trees.  Keep Pickens Beautiful would like to invite you to make a New Year’s resolution to start recycling in your home or workplace in 2019.  If you need help or more information about recycling please call the KPB office at 706-253-3600, or visit our web page at

Bring One For The Chipper 2019


WHEN: Saturday, January 5, 2019, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

WHAT:  Area residents will go green and drop off Christmas trees to be chipped into mulch or used as a wildlife habitat. The event educates the public on recycling and environmental conservation.  It also allows communities to put discarded Christmas trees to good use.  The program has been a holiday tradition in Georgia for 28 years and is the largest tree recycling program in the nation.

WHERE: Your old tree will be reused as mulch or wildlife habitat. Drop off your undecorated Christmas tree for recycling at the Park’n Ride across from the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce Building in Newton Park (500 Stegall Street)

FOR INFORMATION CALL: KeepPickensBeautiful, 706-253-3600, or visit us at or Face book

2018 Results


Pickens County residents recycled 116 Christmas trees in 2018, diverting them from landfills, and chipping them up into useful mulch. In this day of artificial Christmas trees, that’s not bad. Let’s see if we can do better in 2019 and set a new record.

Results State

  • 94,417 trees were collected in total.  Of these, 90,157 were recycled into mulch for playgrounds, city and county landscaping projects, and individual homes.
  • 1,944 trees were sunk into lakes across the state to provide fish habitats. 1,294 were used for fuel or other uses. 
  • Over 6 million Christmas trees have been recycled and diverted from landfills since the start of the program.
  • 52 local governments and/or organizations participated.
  • 130 collection sites were set up throughout the State.
  • 918 volunteers donated 3,307 hours of time.
  • Davey Tree Experts chipped 65,475 trees in Metro Atlanta


Jasper Middle School …Helping Dragons Become GREENER!

JMS Press Release–10/3/2018

2018-19 Jasper Middle Pride Patrol Team Leaders L-R—Jasmine Cantrell, Carly Patterson, Ashlynn Bruce, Mattie Parks, and Eric Tomas

Jasper Middle School: Where Dragon Nation Begins… By Helping Dragons Become GREENER!

Jasper Middle is excited to announce the launch of their new Pride Patrol Recycling Team, composed of dedicated and diligent 5th and 6th grade students.  Members of this team were required to complete an application process including personal references– in preparation for the work world.  Because JMS is such a large campus, selected member were divided into five section teams and assigned section leaders.

The Pride Patrol will collect all JMS recyclables on Wednesday mornings from 8:00-8:30 am, before homeroom begins. Since recycling is a habit that must be practiced daily, the Pride Patrol will be encouraging their peers and even family members do their part to separate recyclables from rubbish!   Mrs. Jennie Smith, School Counselor and Team Sponsor, would like to thank each member for their diligence and cooperation in completing a successful launch!

🐲The Jasper Middle Pride Patrol is excited to do their part in making DRAGON NATION just a bit GREENER!!🐲
Special THANKS for Keep Pickens Beautiful and the Jasper Home Depot for supplying carts and green collection boxes!

2018-19  JMS Pride Patrol Team Members


Eric Tomas—Team Leader
Ethan McMillan
Makenna Moody
Kara Winkler
Elena Nelson
Mattie Parks—-Team Leader
Cadence Brannon
DaShay Buchanan
Isaac Lloyd
Ashlynn Bruce—-Team Leader
Scarlett Reinhardt
Robert Mumper
Cassandra Hamrick
Lexi Payne
Carly Patterson—-Team Leader
Emily Coley
Lacey Goodnoe
Kaley Lockey
Jasmine Cantrell—-Team Leader
Winter Satterfield
Laney Jones
Lilly Shirley

Home Depot Supports Local School and KPB

Steve Renegar, Store Manager, Jasper Home Depot

Keep Pickens Beautiful would like to thank Home Depot for donating 3 merchandise baskets to our recycling program at Jasper Middle School.

The students use the baskets to move the recycling from room to room and then to the large recycling containers outside provided by Waste Management.

If you would like to start a recycling program at your home or business please contact us at 706-253-3600. We would be glad to help get you started.

Visit our web page and learn more us.