Trash Bird?

This beautiful bird was constructed from trash picked up from the beaches in Brunswick, GA.

The 3” R’s” in recycle are Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

Please join Keep Pickens Beautiful by practing the 3 “R’s” here in Pickens County and help keep our beautiful County Clean.

Contact our office at 706-253-3600, check out our web page at or Facebook.

New to AAR – Janet Smith and Gina Handley

Janet Smith, new AAR Volunteer

Keep Pickens Beautiful is pleased to announce 2 more families have teamed up to adopt a road and become part our Adopt A Road program. Janet Smith (pictured) and Gina Handley got together to adopt Whitestone Road in Talking. Their first pick up yielded a truck load of litter. Thank you folks for caring about our beautiful county and helping to keep it clean.  Keep up the good job. Littering the roadways is a crime in the State of Georgia, punishable by a LARGE fine and/or jail time.

First Pickup collection by Janet Smith and Gina Handley

KPB is all about reaching our goals to improve the quality of life by eliminating litter through community involvement and increased public awareness. Doing the little things make a “BIG difference.” You too can make a difference! If you would like become a volunteer contact the KPB Office at 706-253-3600 or visit our web page at


L-R: Michael Haviland, Al Rothe & Stan Barnett KPB Boards members, Bart Connelly. AAR Chairman

“When I relocated to Georgia 9 years ago, I was disappointed to discover a great deal of discarded litter along the roads in the major roads leading into the City Of Nelson.  I took it upon myself to start picking up trash near my residence.  I also took the initiative to clear away and expose the Tate sidewalks that had been overgrown with years of kudzu growth, at the HWY 53 intersection.  I also edged these sidewalks and mowed the public right of away.  After about 2 years on my own, I signed up with KPB and began a formal record of each bag of litter that was picked up, to be able give KPB an accurate monthly accounting of my trash pickup.

“In my reporting to KPB, I serviced a distance of 1.65 miles out, and another 1.65 return, for a total distance of 3.30 miles.  On average, I picked up trash pretty consistently about every two weeks, over a period 5 years to reach my total of 1,000 bags of litter.  When I had reached a total 500 bags of trash, I was given an award by KPB.  It was at this point I made a personal goal to pick up a total of 1,000 bags after realizing that my volunteer trash pickup represented constituted a really large part of the entire annual KPB total.

“My goal was to try to make a positive difference in the appearance of the community.  Hopefully by volunteering to clean up the right of away, the missing pride and respect for our community might be restored.”        -Michael Haviland

Keep Pickens Beautiful is pleased to present Michael Haviland with another plaque honoring him for something we don’t believe any other AAR volunteer has ever done.  Our grateful thanks to Michael and all of our AAR Volunteers.  Our goal would be to not need volunteers to pick up our roadway and that our citizens would stop throwing their trash out.  If you would like to become part of our organization to keep Pickens clean and beautiful contact us at 706-253-3600 visit us on our web page or face book.

QSR Adopts a Road!

Robert Martin, QSR team members

Quality Synthetic Rubber (QSR) Adopted Ridgewood Road and Woodlane Drive between Burnt Mt Road and Highway 53. Under the leadership of Matt Ledford, he has a team who has a goal of picking up every month.  Mr. Ledford stated “We are happy to be participating in the KPB Adopt-a-Road program!” Our thanks for all your efforts to keep our county looking clean and beautiful, keep up the good work.

If you would like to volunteer to help keep Pickens clean and beautiful, contact us at 706-253-3600 or visit our web page at for more information.