Knights of Columbus Adopt-a-Road

Adopt-A-Road is a program sponsored by Keep Pickens Beautiful to help get litter off our streets and highways.   KPB does this by seeking and supporting individuals or groups, who adopt a portion of a street or highway in our county.  These civic minded citizens agree to pick up litter on their adopted stretch of road once a quarter.


From L to R: Gary Wallpe, Dan Warner, Todd Musgrave, Bart Connelly, Thomas Musgrave. (Shawn Roche is not in the picture)

Recently, several members of the Knights of Columbus gathered at Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church to clean up the roadside along their adopted stretch of Refuge Road.  KPB Board Member and Adopt-A-Road Chairman Bart Connelly along with Gary Wallpe, Todd Musgrave, Thomas Musgrave, Dan Warner and Shawn Roche worked for 3 hours gathering trash.  Bart Connelly went one step further and separated out the recyclables.  As a final result of the efforts of these 6 volunteers, 10 bags of trash went from Refuge Rd. to the Camp Rd. Center to be recycled plus an additional 16 bags of trash went into the trash compactor.  KPB and the community owe a big “thank you” to these gentlemen and the many others who have adopted portions of our roads.

If you would like to adopt a section of our roads and pick up litter 4 times per year, contact KPB.  You can also help by taking your litter home and putting it in your own trash can.  Please don’t throw it out of your car window and don’t throw litter in the bed of your truck where it will blow out onto our roadsides.  Let’s all take pride in Pickens County and do our part to “Keep Pickens Beautiful”.   Find us on Facebook and visit our website at Be on the lookout for announcements concerning the national Great American Cleanup for the month of April and how KPB intends to participate in this annual campaign.