Earth Day

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Keep Pickens Beautiful Sponsored Earth Day Activities with the students of Pickens County.

The students in Pickens County participated in Earth Day activities.  The students were testing during the official Earth Day, April 22, 2015 so activities were spread out for several weeks.

Some of the activities were planting flowers, making pledges for the year, participating in fund raisers to making this planet a better place to live, cleaning up school grounds, picking up trash and creating projects made from recycled materials.

Students pledged to turn off water while brushing teeth, turn off lights, start helping their families use reusable bags while shopping and reduce, reuse and recycle.

Peyton Vincent 1st grader

During Earth Day, a first grader, Peyton Vincent in Mrs. Morgan’s class at Harmony Elementary wrote “How to Help the Earth”.  He states: ” I were going to help the Earth I would make it so planes don’t leak.  I would make little covers that cover up the tail pipes and not make them leak.  I would also make the planes stronger than they already are.”

The many activities and events around Pickens County schools made Earth Day a part of recognizing the importance of taking care of our planet.