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Green Thumb Awards

Green Thumb Awards are given to a selected individuals, groups, clubs, or businesses in Pickens County in recognition of their outstanding example of gardening to beautify and preserve our natural resources around their home or business.

KPB Awards July 2014 Green Thumb Award

Green Thumb 2014
green thumb award winner

Roots run deep….for Dolly and Larry Pendley of 3055 Fortner Road in Marble Hill.

Dolly has been a resident of Marble Hill all her life. Her home is actually a parcel of land left to her by her father. One of three children, the acreage was divided up amongst the children. Dolly and Larry began their married life, starting out in a small mobile home and then building their home little by little. They will celebrate their 44th wedding anniversary in September! While Dolly hails from Marble Hill, Larry was born and raised in Tate. Dolly currently works as the Systems Manager at Etowah Water and Sewer. Larry retired after 35 years at Georgia Marble and currently works for the DOT. The Pendleys home is the epitome of the 3 R”s (reduce, reuse, recycle). The paneling in their living area is cut from large pine trees felled while building their house. Their marble benches, birdbath and stones come from GA Marble and the rocks come from the quarry as well as the creek beds. Their home is surrounded by cedars, a magnolia, a weeping cherry, blue snowball hydrangea, knockout roses, purple iris, hosta and dianthus. A new barn and a pool have been recently added to their surroundings. The plan for a small machine shop for Larry, became an eye-catching LARGE barn, divided into 3 sections using recycled lumber from an old chicken coop and it now houses a collection of antiques, a machine shop and garage! There is a “Christmas House” built out back for their Christmas decorations, because they go “all out” during the holidays. So make it a point to go by the Pendley’s to see this beautiful home now and during the holidays. You will be glad you made the trip! If you would like to nominate someone to be recognized by KPB for their efforts to improve and maintain the beauty of their surroundings, please contact Keep Pickens Beautiful at 706-253-3600 or use the contact form below:

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